Adventure One (One Planet)

Our history with One Planet and the Adventure One team dates back to the 1990s. Our longstanding relationship is rooted in a shared commitment to down-to-earth values and exceptional design. Our creative collaboration has been inspired by One Planet's dedication to crafting top-tier outdoor gear, specifically designed for the rugged landscapes of Australia and New Zealand. Together, we've melded innovation and functionality with sustainable, locally produced practices.

Since its establishment in 1979, One Planet has been unwaveringly committed to making the best equipment, the right way. This ethos has permeated our creative endeavors. From finely crafting pixels that detail each canvas thread in close-up photography to ensuring that catalogues are not only helpful and interesting but also guide the proper selection of gear for outdoor adventures.

Over the years, Hive has worked on hundreds of projects with One Planet. We are deeply appreciative of the trust and support from One Planet Director, Andrew King, as we supported him in building the Aiking, Adventure Designs, and One Planet brands.



The One Planet catalogue narrates the tale of design meeting function. Every page a testament to their Melbourne factory's innovation, showcasing equipment ready for both educators and adventurers.



One Planet's heritage tag speaks volumes about their origins and ethos. Emblazoned with 'Melbourne, Australia', it's a testament to their commitment to local craftsmanship and the adventurous spirit their gear embodies



The iconic One Planet badge is not just a brand marker; it's a pledge of quality, sustainability, and local manufacturing – the guiding principles of a company dedicated to the great outdoors.

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