Adventure One : New Brand Design

A New Brand Design for ethical camping gear

One Planet's visual identity reflects their strong ethical values.

One Planet make backpacks and camping gear for a skeptical environmental audience.They source all their resources ethically, manufacture their product locally and have a strong emphasis on quality.

For these reasons, the One Planet brand had to reflect their values with authenticity. We developed a typeface that shows a connection to the gentle impact One Planet has on our earth and resources. One Planet also wanted to leverage their good name in construction and quality but offer a more casual carry bag alternative, so we designed and developed brand collateral for a series of travel satchels, including swing-tags and a catalogue.

We established a significant presence in the outdoor goods industry, while maintaining a connection to the existing brand. HIVE helped One Planet establish the brand with a clear vision, to have a voice that reflects its personality and speaks accurately to the audience and the market.