AGL Energy : Email Marketing Campaign

An email marketing campaign helping customers track down hidden energy costs in your home

The Challenge 
Everyone uses energy throughout their homes everyday. With the energy sector becoming increasingly volatile and competitive, understanding how the energy you buy is being used is more important than ever. This is why AGL identified that if they could help customers know where the energy was going, it enabled them to make adjustments that may result in serious savings.

The Solution
A campaign was developed targeting AGL’s more curious and savings orientated customers. Hive crafted strategy, messaging, creative, testing, journey mapping and the execution of a series of EDMs which linked customers to a survey based website also built by Hive. 

Communications explained to customers potential savings may be tucked away in places they never expected. They received email estimates on upcoming bills and energy saving hints that would lower their estimated bill. The campaign is now being refined across a large range of customers, with plans to make it available to all AGL customers Australia wide.