We're unboxing three decades of creative collaboration.

Welcome to Arc.hive, where we are about to unbox the last three decades in our agency reference catalogue. This archive is intended to be a history of our agency, our partnerships and our product. But, it's also an Ark (Noun: something affording protection; safety, shelter, refuge) and our intention is to produce an every evolving journey through some of the projects of our past. Here we will show you not just the finished work that makes it's way out into the world but also some of ideas that hit the cutting room floor, the behind the scenes and the could have beens.



Our Vision for Arc.hive

At HIVE, we've always believed in the power of storytelling, not just in the content we create for clients but in sharing our own journey. ARC.HIVE is born out of this belief — a desire to document and share the multitude of stories behind our projects. From initial sketches to final outcomes, ARC.HIVE provides an unprecedented look "under the hood" of the creative process, showcasing the collaboration, challenges, and ingenuity involved in bringing each project to life.

Why Arc.hive Matters

In an era where digital portfolios are commonplace, ARC.HIVE seeks to offer something more profound than a simple showcase of final products. Our ambition is to highlight the journey of creation itself, revealing the iterative processes, the brainstorming sessions, and the collaborative efforts that are often invisible in a polished case study.

Over time Arc.hive is intended to provide: 

  • Projects in Depth: From celebrated successes to the learning experiences that shaped our approach.
  • Process and Insights: Offering a glimpse into the workings behind creative decisions, client collaborations, and innovative solutions.
  • Human-Centric Design: In contrast to the increasingly automated landscape of generative AI, Arc.hive emphasises the irreplaceable value of human creativity and intuition.

Join Us on This Journey

As we launch Arc.hive, we extend an invitation to our clients, collaborators, and the creative community to join us in this celebration of creativity and collaboration. Your stories, your projects, and your insights have been instrumental in shaping Hive's legacy, and Arc.hive aims to honour that.

Looking Ahead

Arc.hive is not a static archive but a living, breathing platform that will continue to evolve. As Hive moves forward, so too will Arc.hive, capturing new projects, processes, and the endless possibilities of creative collaboration.

We're excited to embark on this new chapter, not just to reflect on our past but to inspire future generations of creators, designers, and thinkers. Visit Arc.hive to explore our journey and the collective journey of those who have been a part of it.