Hive relished the opportunity to embrace the surf/snow/skate culture and help Armourdillo launch it's assault on the global youth market.

Hive co-founder Todd Mitchell was a co-founder of Armourdillo established in 2003 as a fresh Australian youth apparel brand.

Collaborating on various projects, Hive's contributions included developing the brand identity, designing brochures, point of sale materials, skate deck artwork, and packaging, showcasing a comprehensive branding and marketing effort tailored to resonate with the youth demographic.


Armourdillo logo sticker in black and white design. A badge of honour across the urban landscape, symbolising a bold choice in the skate culture, an Aussie brand with the strength to take the hard blows. This iconic design was valued however the team at Armourdillo were not your normal brand police looking for rigid constancy in application, as you can see in the examples below.



The Summer '06 catalogue captures the essence of the season with rich, lively imagery, highlighting the energy and passion infused in each of Armourdillo's products and designs.



In this spread from Armourdillo's catalogue we showcased  the skater's that gave Armourdillo genuine credibility. Here, Shane and Will riding on these pages is more important than the comfy cutting-edge T designs.



Accessorise with intent - this catalogue spread features Armourdillo's accessories that are designed not just to complement, but to make a statement in the urban jungle.

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