City of Melbourne : Behaviour Change Campaign

An exciting behaviour change campaign promoting healthy eating

We all love an unhealthy snack however often it can be confusing a to what is really healthy and what we should really limit our intake on. Working with the City of Melbourne we were provided with a simple red amber and green light system defining the nutritional value of cafe foods. The challenge was to develop a campaign that easily educated city visitors, students and workers.

The program created quite a buzz in the food courts, the stores received a significant increase in sales as a result and more importantly, the campaign objectives were met as customers found out how to achieve a balanced diet.

The campaigns launch was so successful that major chain outlet KFC, who had originally declined the invitation to participate, got on board. With the pilot program successfully launched, Green Light Eat Right has been rolled out across North Melbourne, Kensington and Carlton Recreational Centres, and even Riverside Skate Park.