Gainsborough : Product Catalogue Design

Making door handles sexy with our Product Catalogue Design

The Challenge

After a successful re-design of their suite of packaging, Gainsborough realised that the promotional materials they had in market were no longer appropriate. The visual expression of their brand didn’t live up to the high quality of their product offering and the way information was presented was confusing.

The Solution
Hive developed a flagship product catalogue that was useful as well as beautiful. Information was organised in a clear manner so that it was much easier to locate all the details one needs when choosing door hardware. Aesthetically, it utilised an inspiring and contemporary look which is reflective of Gainsborough’s pricepoint in the marketplace. In order to elevate Gainsborough’s products from merely door hardware to an important ingredient in an aspirational lifestyle, photography was key. 

Traditionally, Gainsborough had never had their product shot in a creative way. This is because it is quite difficult to shoot door handles from different angles without the shape of them distorting. However, creating a photographic style that would make door handles feel special and glamorous called for something completely new.