HB Fuller : Brand Building

Brand building to make sticky decisions easy

Have you ever tried to find just the right glue for a DIY project? For most of us, the Adhesives, Sealants and Fillers area of the local hardware store is a tricky category to shop. HB Fuller identified this as an opportunity to extend market share by guiding customers though the selection process and making it easier to shop the category.

HB Fuller challenged HIVE to develop a new brand positioning that built upon a genuine connection with tradies on construction sites, while creating an accessibility that allowed the average DIY consumer to think ‘this is the brand for me’.

The brand language developed was deliberately straight talking… Stick it, Seal it, Fill it, Fuller it. Simple language that speaks clearly to all customers. The images for the brand are equally as direct - featuring real tradies on location with just the right balance of polish and grit.

HIVE has partnered with HB Fuller taking the new brand to market with a range of initiatives including a new HB Fullers DIY product range and a new consumer focused website.

HB Fuller : Brand Building 1

HB Fuller : Brand Building imagery 1

HB Fuller : Brand Building imagery 2

HB Fuller : Brand Building imagery 3

HB Fuller : Brand Building booklet cover 1

HB Fuller : Brand Building booklet 1

HB Fuller : Brand Building booklet 2