HB Fuller : Product Packaging Design

Hive product packaging design for a DIY range of HB Fuller products for Australia.


When it comes to buying glues or sealants, it can be surprisingly hard to choose just the right product for your DIY project. Working closely with Hive, HB Fuller re-invented their DIY consumer range making it easier for consumers to shop the category.

Our focus was not on simply standing out from the crowd, but on making it easier for people to choose within the HB Fuller range. We worked with consumers to understand their needs and to identify the selection criteria for the products, which in-turn drove design outcomes that deliver this information in a clean and accessible manner.

Unlike the categories traditional packaging,  we literally turned the product on its side making use of the visual real estate to communicate more product features.

The new range is supported by innovations such as new product dispensers that allow stores to control stock rotation, and product presentation better than ever before.

HB Fuller Product Packaging Design 2 by Hive Creative
HB Fuller Product Packaging Design 3 by Hive Creative
HB Fuller Product Packaging Design 4 by Hive Creative