Henley Properties : Brand Identity Design

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Henley Properties are involved in every level of the new home market, with eight brands servicing markets both nationally and in the US. They are one of Australia’s most successful residential builders and a long-term partner of HIVE.

We work closely with the Henley marketing team across every facet of their communications. From digital to print, signage and on-site marketing, we’ve been their lead creative and strategic partner for over six years.

Their luxury home brand, Mainvue Homes, is a fantastic example of our creative and strategic capabilities across a large set of deliverables.

From the ground up

Mainvue Homes gives home buyers an alternative to the standard order-home buying process. The experience is much closer to working with an architect — buyers can customise many elements of a Mainvue home to suit their lifestyle.

We started by establishing the Mainvue identity, developing a typographic mark, brand language, and visual execution that reflected the premium nature of the Mainvue brand and the process of buying an architectural home.

We established Victoria and New South Wales with a comprehensive list of communications, including point of sale, online and TV, utilising floor plan treatments, image assets, photography and marketing and directional signage.

The American market

On the strength of the campaigns in Australia, Henley took the Mainvue brand to the United States, where they quickly developed a new way of selling homes in the American market.

Point of sale

HIVE developed a complete branded environment for Mainvue consultants to work with customers in creating their dream home. As a full service agency, we’re able to reproduce a colour accurately from a website online to a printed catalogue and the signage in a showroom.

It’s all about the images

With the magic of product retouching, we can take a Henley blueprint and construct a house artificially using a mixture of photography, retouching and 3D modelling.

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