Henley Properties : Coffee Table Book Design

A coffee table book design to catalogue the Henley Properties process

The Henley Clendonvale catalogue is a major annual undertaking that can take up to three months to complete. The result is a large and beautiful coffee table book, which enables Henley's customers to decide on the right choice of home for them.

Important lifelong decisions are based upon the contents of this catalogue. From photographic art direction and retouching, to design, illustration and assisting with print management; we've helped Henley make sure this complex information is simple to access, understand and enjoy.

The catalogue is the primary showcase of Henleys vast array of products. The document assists with each stage of the buying process, from choosing the floorplan that's just right for you to understanding your choices when it comes to kitchens, bathrooms and facades.

The catalogue is produced using verified sustainable paper from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). To receive verification, the printer must be certified and every job must be individually approved within a rigorous process. This is just one of the many considered decisions which combine to make the Clendonvale catalogue a premium piece of communication - and a great example of the value of print.

HenleyCat_01-jpgHenley Properties : Coffee Table Book Design by Hive