PacPrint : Print Design Campaign

Think Print, Know Print, a print design campaign

The largest printing event in the Southern Hemisphere

PacPrint is the largest printing event in the Southern Hemisphere. Close to 300 exhibitors fill the Melbourne Exhibition Centre to share information and inspiration with others in the design, print and advertising industries.

We worked closely with the PacPrint board to understand their audience, their values, goals, and to distill those thoughts into a compelling single-minded concept.

In Australia alone, the printing industry supports 11-12% of the employable workforce. Like many industries, there is a fear that their skills will be left behind as the digital future takes hold.

PacPrint wanted to use this marketing opportunity to reinforce the idea that print is an integral part of the modern digital world. They wanted to remind designers and marketers what an effective channel to market print is.

After all, response rates for direct mail are better than eDMs.


We began by looking at the target market; their motivations, behaviour and opportunities for cut-through. There were many discussions with the board collectively trying to gauge where the best opportunity was.

The insight: print is part of the communication mix. Yes it will change and morph, but print as a medium, as ink on a surface, will never disappear. The challenge then was to communicate this idea.

The concept

Print is not just brochures, it’s a whole range of things. We wanted to encourage the idea that all there is to know about print can be discovered... at PacPrint 2013. Visitors can see the latest cutting edge technologies on display, discover the forefront of industry innovations and trends and meet leading print customers and suppliers.

HIVE developed the concept 'Think Print, Know Print' to communicate this aim.

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