Telstra Super : Direct Mail Campaign

A creative direct mail campaign using creativity and personalisation to get results.

With the insight that no-one likes leaving things unfinished, we coupled a simple yet engaging production mechanic that illustrated the benefit of super consolidation with an ‘easy’ message that felt like the job was already half done. Let’s finish tying up those loose ends.

New legislation was introduced whereby Australians could consent to super funds using their TFN to search the new ATO register to find any lost super on the member’s behalf. Despite the benefits to their members
, the certified ID requirements and general apathy around super were a huge roadblock for TelstraSuper in getting members to consolidate.

We needed to strike while the iron was hot off the back of the members consenting to the registry search. Whilst super was top of mind the DM was sent, designed to make consolidation as simple as possible through high levels of personalisation - resulting in the member having to do as little as possible.

2,994 packs were mailed in total; achieving a response rate of 35.1% of all recipients consolidating their multiple super funds into one TelstraSuper account. This translated into $28.2 Million in new funds under management.