Telstra Super : Annual Report Publication Design

Keeping super simple

Telstra Super is Australia’s largest corporate superannuation fund, with over 100,000 members. Check out our publication design of their FY2012 Annual Report.

We've been working with Telstra Super to communicate with their members since 2010. At the best of times, superannuation can be a complex web of financial advice, which is why many of our projects aim to keep super simple, with great content and a user-centred design approach. This philosophy is no better exemplified than by the Telstra Super Annual Report for 2012.

A personal affair

The report features personal migration stories from a collection of Telstra Super members. After sending a personalised email asking members to share their stories, we received many diverse entries. Finally, we selected three members to profile. Each was invited to an interview and photoshoot to tell their stories of expatriation to Australia.

Friendly and light

As a company focused on simplicity and ease of communication, the design collateral we create for Telstra Super is made to feel friendly and light—friendly in content and light in complexity and feel.

We used infographics extensively throughout the report to communicate complex superannuation information. We also embedded video files into the online version of the report.

A super relationship

We have a great relationship and partnership with Telstra Super. We will often work together to define the challenge from a simple problem. We use this opportunity to think beyond the most obvious solution.

We've been on the brink of understanding with superannuation. You need that depth of understanding to communicate what you do and still be able to break it down into digestible information for the average member. Every super fund should be kept super simple.