Tennis Australia : Digital Brand Activation

Digital Brand Activation to strengthen Sponsor Engagement

Tennis Australia wanted to better showcase, align and leverage Kia’s sponsorship of the 2014 Australian Open, live at the event and also for fans watching tennis across the globe.

HIVE was engaged to develop a strategic digital activation to find Kia's Greatest Fan, with the intent on boosting fan involvement, interaction and KIA brand visibility.

Our HIVE Hub CMS platform provided the foundation for tribal tennis lovers to upload photos and videos showcasing their love for tennis. KIA handpicked daily prize winners and one lucky fan chosen by Rafael Nadal (Worlds #1 tennis player) was crowned the 2014 KIA greatest fan and drove away in a new KIA.

At the event, fans were able to walk through the KIA photobooth and sit in the KIA Fan Cam cars to record their entries, that were then uploaded to the site in real time. Tennis fans shared their moment of greatness across social media with a global audience of over 265,000.

The combination of strategic creative, a robust platform and key insights on online traffic at events, allowed consumers to drive content, provided KIA and Tennis Australia, with new ways to make positive connections with tennis fans.

Technology Features

  • Build on HIVE hub (responsive web and CMS solution)
  • Strong use of social interaction and user content
  • Integration with photobooth and video fan cam

Site Stats over a 14 day period

  • KGF website unique visitors – 119,000
  • Total of 2,548 likes on the entries reaching an audience of over 286,000
  • Total countries visiting site – 197 (AU 36%, US 13%, Canada 5%, UK 4%, India 3%)

Tennis Australia : Digital Activation 1

Tennis Australia : Digital Activation 2

Tennis Australia : Digital Activation 3

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