Thermoskin : CoolXChange Social Media Health Campaign

A social media health campaign spreading the word on recovery 

The Challenge 
CoolXChange and Walk-On are products that assist in comfort while exercising, and also help speed up the injury recovery process. While clinically proven and backed by many fitness professionals, the general public didn’t understand how the products might assist their training. It was Hive’s job to create an awareness campaign that leveraged the potential of social media and expanded knowledge of the products, but also was cost conscious. 
The Solution  
We undertook research to determine which segments of the general public were most likely to benefit from the products. Using that framework, we created a series of short, type based motion pieces that connected the customer’s drive and ambition with the benefit of the products. This approach allowed us to both empower and inform the customer while demonstrating that CoolXChange and Walk-On can help them achieve their goals. The videos were encased in informative social posts and positioned in front of the relevant segments, encouraging further investigation. Print and trade show applications were developed, rounding out the campaign.
Thermoskin CoolXChange Social Media Health Campaign 2 by Hive Creative

Thermoskin CoolXChange Social Media Health Campaign 3 by Hive Creative

Thermoskin CoolXChange Social Media Health Campaign 4 by Hive Creative