University of Melbourne : Brand Architecture Project

A world-class university deserves a world-class brand architecture.

The Challenge
Research showed that the University of Melbourne brand is the key driver of choice for prospective students, staff, partners and collaborators. Their brand is their single most important asset and unfortunately the application of brand was not living up to their world-class reputation.
The Solution
Hive engaged a multitude of stakeholders and representatives across the university. It worked with the project steering committee and the executive team to deliver a brand system that supports individual outcomes while ensuring sustained investment in master brand equity.
Within a complex ecosystem, the key to this brand uptake was the creation of effective brand tools and manageable brand rules. The new brand identification system allows everyone to benefit from the master brand while clearly distinguishing individual entities. The design system provides templates that make great results easy to achieve while empowering professional designers to craft beautiful and bespoke outcomes.
A cornerstone of the new brand architecture is a digital design system that begins with a philosophy of single minded communication and delivers a flexible, component based design framework. Everything from fonts and colours to layout structure and button styles has been crafted for usability, accessibility and consistency.