Village Cinemas : UnScene Film Festival Branding

Showcasing talent on the big screen with our Film Festival Branding campaign.

The first of what will now become an annual competition by Village Cinemas, UnScene is a short film competition that gives emerging Australian filmmakers the opportunity to showcase their talent on the big screen.

Our split personality concept for this years campaign was achieved using still photography projected directly back on to the models face, a look and feel carried throughout the campaign across both imagery and text based elements. A custom soundscape was created specifically for use in cinemas, taking full advantage of the capabilities of cinema sound systems and enhanced viewing to cut through and engage with audiences.

Hive created all branding and strategy for the competition as well as all assets, photography, video, animation for both print and web. Hive also produced a fully responsive website built in Hive creative's custom CMS (Content management system) Wax.

The website, now the centre point of the competition where users can reference the UnScene brief, view the judges, submit their films and vote via Facebook likes.

Finalist - AGDA Design Awards 2018 (Motion)

Finalist - AGDA Design Awards 2018 (Sound Design)