University of Melbourne : Bachelor of Design Student Recruitment Campaign

Where Multistorey Collides with Storytelling in our Student Recruitment Campaign for University of Melbourne

The Challenge
The University of Melbourne launched the Bachelor of Design providing students the opportunity to explore 12 design disciplines. They wanted to engage students to explore the disciplines in a virtual space and give them the freedom to tour spaces whilst learning about what the university has to offer. 

The Solution
Following our initial discovery and research and our love of everything creative, Hive focused on communicating the breadth of design and how it impacts every aspect of life- from architecture and urban planning through to digital technologies and performance. 

Showcasing each discipline we developed a virtual reality experience exploring the streets of Melbourne and Campus life. Delivering VR headsets via direct mail supported by a multi channel campaign.

The Result
Open day provided the perfect opportunity to let students and families experience the full campaign with the VR headsets and content. 

Awareness and applications for the newly launch degree exceeded expectations with the campaign running again in 2017.

View the VR video