Village Cinemas : Bucket Boss Food Photography

Easy to carry, easy to eat. Our food photography really hit the spot.

The Challenge
Village Cinemas launched a standalone food offering – the idea behind it being flavour packed toppings dropped over a bed of either potato gems for savoury, or ice cream for sweet options.

Competing with big names in often adjoining food courts like Schnitz, McDonald’s and KFC, The Bucket Boss needed to stand out. We developed a brand with attitude, delivered with a sassy tone of voice and iconography which can be felt across all comms.

The Solution
Shying away from the almost picture perfect manufactured imagery of other fast food offerings, we used a food photography style that let the food speak for itself. Oozy, drippy, mouth-watering shots showcase the appeal of the product. It lets cinema-goers “deal with that hunger, like a boss”.

The Bucket Boss sales on site increased over 50% in the weeks following the introduction of the stylised food photography.

Following its success at its flagship location, Plenty Valley, The Bucket Boss has now expanded to a further two locations across Melbourne.