Village Cinemas : Experience Branding

Dine in. Chill out. VPremium is the new Village Cinema experience branding.


A refreshingly honest take on cinema.

Tasked by Village Cinemas with bringing a new concept to life we were conscious of the care needed in positioning Vpremium - a world first cinema concept without cannibalising the existing and successful offerings in Gold Class and Traditional cinema.

“Let's face it, there's no torrent that beats catching up with mates or hanging out with your special someone.” 

Armed with this insight we created a brand that gives movie lovers a place to hang out regularly that is fresh, comfy and affordable. The personality of the launch campaign builds on this by it's playful approach, getting cut through with targeted creative that is refreshingly honest.

Village Cinemas : Cinema Creative Development 1

Village Cinemas : Cinema Creative Development 2