Village Cinemas : Podcast Branding

The good word on cinema is in our podcast branding for Village Cinemas.

The Challenge
Launching a new podcast into the world is daunting. The market is saturated, and finding a clear, unique voice that resonates with your audience is tough. Village was up for the challenge, however, and asked us to help them name, brand and launch their new cinema-based podcast. The idea was to take cinema-crazy Village Cinemas staff and let them chat about the latest release movies, giving listeners an insider’s view on what they might like to watch next.

The Solution
A huge amount of research was undertaken, both in the movie-centric podcast space and also in what worked best from a visual perspective. We created a name and identity that immediately speaks to cinema, but also to the format. Three experts discussing their passion, the movies. Finally a little animation was added, bringing the identity to life and giving listeners a good idea of how entertaining the podcast is to listen to.

The Results
- Number 1 show on iTunes podcast chart (TV & Movies) on launch day
- Number 19 on iTunes podcast chart (overall) on launch day
- 2,197 total listens on launch day