Village Cinemas : Chef's Gourmet Retail Packaging

What is more “movies” than popcorn? A retail packaging campaign by Hive Creative

The Challenge 
In 2013, Village introduced Rocky Road popcorn into their Gold Class cinemas. They soon realised that they had a hit on their hands so in 2016, they prepared to launch a full line of gourmet popcorn products. These would be sold at the candy bar, so they would be available to all Village customers, not only Gold Class.
The new brand, Chef’s Gourmet, would be a premium product. The client wanted to emphasise its quality, local manufacture, and real ingredients and the brand needed to appeal to general cinema goers and food enthusiasts.
The Solution
Hive developed a bold and colourful style that celebrated the real ingredients used in Chef’s Gourmet products: fresh fruits, gooey caramel, honeycomb, lashes of chocolate, all crisp and hyper-real, being tossed together in one glorious fusion of flavour. This was paired with a down-to-earth hand written typeface as a nod to the authentic, locally crafted nature of the product.
Two packaging types needed to be designed: Chef’s Gourmet buckets in large and small, which would be filled at the candy bar according to customer’s orders, and pre-packaged product in pouches, designed for the take-home market.