AGL : Virtual Power Plant Animated Infographic Design

Harnessing hi-tech solar power in animated infographic design

Energy giant AGL has now started to harness hi-tech solar batteries that store excess energy from Solar panels in Australian homes. It is referred to as the largest "Virtual Power Plant" (VPP) in the world. 

Releasing the project in South Australia AGL came to Hive creative to produce an animation and two infographics to communicate how the VPP works. Key messaging for the animation and infographics were to be clear and engaging as AGL used them as an educational tool to explain the revolutionary technilogy and new approach to energy.

For this educational tool Hive communicated that Australian's would have lower energy bills, power could be called upon when the grid is under stress, consumers could take charge of their energy consumption, and overall how the project is a demonstration of how networks, retailer, consumers, market operator can work together. 

The animation reached a large audience with AGL's media outlets being print, web, social and a national broadcast. Overall, commentary has been exceedingly positive and conveying key messages within the animation and infographics has been very successful. 

AGL reached following media outlets to communicate the VPP:
  • Print: Weekend Australian, Herald Sun
  • Online: The Guardian, Yahoo7 online, Adelaide Now, AFR on 5/8/16, Herald Sun/AAP, Canberra Times and RenewEconomy
  • Broadcast: Media in attendance at the announcement conference included Channel 7, 9, 10, Sky News, AFR, The Australian, Adelaide Advertiser, 5AA, ABC Radio/TV.  SKY news crossed live to AGLs media conference and ran a 6 minute package which captured Andy and Minister Koutsantonis’ speeches along with the animation.
  • Social: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn