AGL Energy : Virtual Solar Campaign Video

Turning sunshine into savings with our campaign video for AGL Energy

The Challenge

The concept of a ‘virtual solar’ may be confusing for the average consumer, our challenge was to create a video that communicated the product offering and the product benefits in a simple and engaging manner.

The Solution

Our approach was KISS -  'Keeping Information about Solar Simple’.  We made the consumer the hero of our story and introduced the product offering and it's benefits in the context of the customers challenge. At the start of the video we introduce the problem “Everyone should be able to use solar energy but not everyone can install a solar panel on their roof’. We then introduced the ‘AGL Virtual Solar’ product as the solution to this problem. The video explains how it works, and the rewards it offers in an a visual engaging and on-brand animation that entertaining and informative.

The Results
The video is featured on the AGL virtual solar site and is used as a tool to explain the offering both internally and external to AGL. It was also well received by AGL as the new branding had not had a roll out of animation under the new brand guidelines. 


Finalist - Premier's Design Awards 2018 (Communication Design)



AGL Energy Virtual Solar Campaign Video 2 by Hive Creative

AGL Energy Virtual Solar Campaign Video 3 by Hive Creative

AGL Energy Virtual Solar Campaign Video 4 by Hive Creative