Mefitted : Beauty & Lifestyle Platform

Need to find the perfect beauty service, Meffited is here with their beauty & lifestyle platform.

Finding a trusted salon, tailors and other fashion and grooming services can be a challenge. An error in judgement could mean the difference between a great night out, or a night on the couch. Mefitted is an interactive directory for grooming, beauty and style. A compass as users embark on a journey towards grooming perfection. 

Mefitted users discover the right professionals for their beauty needs making informed unbiased decisions delivered by the community of reviewers or “Mefitters”. Users share their experiences and recommend favourite hotspots to give companies the glorification and recommendation they deserve. The Mefitted community that rates companies ranges from the everyday consumers to professionals and fashion bloggers showcasing their best kept secrets.

Developed by Hive, Mefitted has full control of the feature rich responsive website to allow, businesses, professionals, bloggers and the Mefitted community to explore and feel beautiful.