Village Cinemas : 4DX Motion Development

Experience our immersive 30 second commercial for Village Cinemas using motion development.

The Challenge
Hive Creative was commissioned to produce launch and pre-launch creative for 4DX, Australia’s only 4D feature film experience exclusive to Village Cinemas. It is yet another innovation in Village’s wide range of cinema concepts and needed to be positioned as a memorable, shared cinema experience, at the same time as being at the forefront of Australian cinema technology. 

4DX adds a unique energy and excitement to feature films – to capture this, plus the variety of effects and features on offer, in a succinct way was the challenge of the project.


The Solution
In order to convey an action packed, immersive experience, Hive chose to take customers on a thrill ride using a mix of new, high tech effects, old school techniques and most importantly, fun. Fighter pilot suits, a wind machine and a green screen combined with a talented team on and off set to produce a 30 second TVC representing the best features of the 4DX experience and the cinema-goer’s ability to truly ‘feel the film’.

The TVC was converted to 5.1 sound and synchronised with its very own 4DX track, complete with fog, water, wind, scent and movement.

To support the campaign, the TVC was complemented with a suite of web assets, social assets and print collateral including large format signage.


The Results
Village Cinemas’ launch of 4DX at Century City had a total media coverage of approximately 6.2 million viewers nationally.